New Releases: ICNS-js & Shortlink Profiles

Update Time! For developers we’ve built a JavaScript library & for users we’re dropping an auto generated profile page we’re calling Shortlink 🔥

A JavaScript Library for Building With ICNS 👷‍♀️

ICNS-js is a JavaScript library that we’ve created so that developers can easily create ICNS integrations into their application’s UI or backend node.js server, such as:

  • Start an auction & bid for ICNS domains
  • Surface user’s ICNS saved Info
  • Convert Principal ID → ICNS domain in UI

ICNS Shortlink 📡

That’s A Wrap 🗞

And that’s all she wrote. These were the first roadmap items that we promised and are happy to be delivering them. We’re really excited to see what the community builds with ICNS-js to extend the capabilities of your ICNS identity.



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