New Release: .host to .xyz Migration

We’re back with another update and a look at the upcoming UX improvements 🔮

.host to .xyz 🛫

In terms of crypto adoption and support on the open web, .xyz is the gateway standard. In order to meet that standard, we’re superseding .host with .xyz as the gateway between Web3 usernames and Web2 browsers.

What’s Coming Next? 🔮

Denomination Change 💱

Another change we’re going to be rolling out in the coming weeks is a change in the denomination of ICNS domains.

New Record Types 🙋

We want to know what else you want to see!

That’s all for Today

We plan to have a larger update with the changes outlined above soon, as well as some more requests from the community! Head into our Discord and chat with the team. Drop any requests or questions you have!



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