ICNS Marketplace: Now live on our platform! 🎉

3 min readOct 28, 2022

We are excited to announce that the ICNS marketplace is now live! This long-awaited release has been made possible thanks to Jelly’s robust infrastructure toolkit.

Users can now trade name domains quickly and easily, bringing the power of the decentralized web within reach for all. Whether you’re looking for a new domain for your wallet or website, or simply want to explore the world of blockchain-based naming systems, our new marketplace will help guide the way.

Don’t know where to start? Keep reading! At the end of this post you’ll find a step by step tutorial on how to use the platform.

ICNS powered by Jelly 🌈

We’ve teased it on twitter… ICNS marketplace was built using Jelly’s toolkit and infrastructure.

We adopted the Dip721 V2 standard that defines the contract interface for NFTs on the Internet Computer. It’s based on the ERC standard and adds support for IC specific features. It will be used for all in-app transactions involving ICNS name domains, such as transferring tokens, accepting payments, and approving transactions.

Behind this core functionality lies the Jelly JS library, which was used to create our own custom marketplace independently from any existing platforms. So whether you’re buying or selling IC name domains, rest assured that all the necessary backend information will be securely stored and easily accessible through Jelly. By using Dip721 V2 and Jelly JS together, we’ve provided a fast, reliable, and secure platform for trading ICNS name domains.

3. How To Guide 📕

3.1 Get Started

You’ll need a Plug wallet & WICP tokens (available through Sonic) to start trading.

Once ready, click on the Connect to Plug tab and approve the Marketplace canisters.

3.2 List — Accept an Offer

View your name domains in the “My NFTs” tab. Click on “Sell”, and enter the amount of WICP you are listing your NFT for in a direct sale. A 1% protocol fee will be discounted of the total amount of WICP your NFT is listed.

Once the sale is complete, the protocol will hold the funds and attempt to make the transfer of the name domain. If the transaction is confirmed, you’ll see your funds in your Plug wallet.

If unsuccessful, the funds will fall back to a marketplace balance that the seller can manually withdraw at a later date.

Find available offers by going to “My NFT’s”. After clicking on your NFT, go to “Offers”.Check if the amount of WICP offered is the one that you’re willing to accept.

If the transaction is successful, the WICP tokens will display in your wallet.

3.3 Buy — Make an Offer

When scrolling through the front page, check for individual ICNS domains with the “Buy Now” option.

After choosing one, click on the “Buy Now” tab. Make sure you have enough WICP in your Plug wallet. A 1% service fee will be charged, but there are no gas fees!

Once the transaction is approved, you’ll be able to see your NFT in your “My NFTs” section

To offer, follow the same process detailed above. You’ll see which domains are eligible by clicking on “Has Offers’’. Another way is to scroll on the frontpage showcasing all the ICNS name domains, the ones available will display an “Offer” tab.

4. Rounding it Up

That’s all for today! We know this has been a highly requested release so we are thrilled that it’s here!

ICNS Marketplace is now open to everyone, so feel free to explore and share your thoughts & feedback on Twitter and Discord! 🍬