Announcing ICNS, the Internet Computer Name Service

What is ICNS

ICNS is short for Internet Computer Name Service, essentially, ICNS maps human-readable names to machine-readable crypto addresses, which will greatly lower the barrier for the general user to enter the Web3 ecosystem as crypto addresses are hard to remember.

How to get an ICNS name

ICNS names minimum length is 3 and maximum length is 63, and must only contain lower-case alphabetic characters(a-z), numbers(0–9), and hyphen‘-’, any other characters are invalid.

Start an auction
Claim an ICNS name

Reserved names

To honor builders and projects contributed to the IC ecosystem, there’s a list of reserved names that will be available for claim after mainnet launch, these names are reserved for 6 months, if a name is unclaimed within the reservation period, it’ll be open for registration. bridge traditional DNS and ICNS

We will launch an additional feature along with the coming release:, it helps bridge the traditional DNS system and the Internet Computer Name Service, .icp is not a top-level domain so you cannot really type in “https://dfinity.icp” in your browser and access the DFINITY website, but with the .host feature, it can be solved. Just attach .host to the end of the ICNS name, and type in “” in the browser, it’ll take you to the website.

You can set your in domain details

Media links

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